Housing issues 80 settlement orders for white land in Mecca

Housing issues 80 settlement orders for white land in Mecca

The Ministry of Housing has continued to issue orders for payment of the white land fees program in its first phase. Today it announced the issuance of 80 payment orders for 71 residential plots subject to fees in Makkah, indicating that the total area of ​​these land amounts to 10,500,748 square meters, Located within the geographical area specified by the Ministry and has not been developed and starts with the area of ​​10 thousand square meters and more, after completion of screening and evaluation procedures of the registered lands until the end of the registration period specified in the Executive Regulations six months ended on 4/11/1438 hijri.

The assessment of land recorded on the website was completed through the Land Values ​​Assessment Committee, indicating that the process of sorting the registered land showed that some of them are not subject to the system for several reasons. They come out of the target range, some less than the specified area, some in undefined cities, and some have statutory exceptions as defined by the regulations.

He pointed out that the ministry has identified three criteria to be the land subject to the program of fees in its first phase, namely that the area of ​​land is more than 10,000 meters, and not developed development approved by the competent authorities, and fall within the scope specified by the Ministry in the cities declared, That in the absence of a condition only one of these conditions makes the land not subject to the system of fees.

Regarding evaluation criteria after sorting the land subject to the system, Al-Mudeihim said that the evaluation is subject to the regulations of the program, which includes the land site and others, while reference to the evaluation mechanism used on the website lands.housing.sa, This number is changed by the increase or decrease due to the objection to which the system has been set for 60 days from the issuance of the decision to subject the land to the fees or after the development within a maximum period of 12 months. The Ministry is currently in the process of sorting the lands registered after November 4, 1438 e addition to the inventory and find the violators of the truths The system and the list of those who have not registered their land so far.

He explained that the ministry intends to collect the land fees through the SADAD service by paying through the branches of the banks through the Ministry of Housing's circular No. 171 or via the ATM or via the banks' websites. The ministry also added eight electronic services to facilitate registration procedures Land and completion of their electronic services without the need to review the building of the ministry or the relevant authorities. These services are land registration applications, my order service, reports, results, evaluation, objection service, invoices, notifications service. The ministry will also use mobile messages to inform landowners of their land charges.

He pointed out that the landowners who are not registered on the website of the system of land fees, will be imposed a fine of up to 2.5 percent, adding the fees for the same to reach 5 percent of the value of land, stressing that through electronic connectivity with various government agencies related , The Ministry will be able to limit the land subject to the system of fees that the owners did not commit to register on the website dedicated to it.

The land fees program is part of the Ministry of Housing's programs and initiatives. It aims at reducing the monopoly process, in addition to supporting the balance of supply and demand in the real estate market. This will lead to the provision of affordable housing units and land for all segments of society.

The Ministry of Housing has recently issued payment orders for white land charges in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. The total payment orders issued by the program amounted to about 1500 payment orders with land area of ​​410 million square meters.


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