61% of the villas are booked in four residential projects

61% of the villas are booked in four residential projects

The beneficiaries of the program "Residential" booked 61% of the four projects for prefabricated villas ten days after the announcement of the Ministry of Housing on the start of the inspection phase and booking, where the Ministry announced in late November, the start of the arrest of those projects distributed in the provinces of Qunfudah, , With a total of 1,188 residential villas. The number of reservations until Thursday reached 719 villas. The reservation phase is expected to continue until the end of this month, or the completion of the reservation is 100 percent.

According to the data of the program "residential" rates reached last Thursday to 75% of the project Qunfudah Makkah area of ​​the total housing units in the project, where the booking of 442 residential villas out of 593, leaving 151 units in the project, which is 597,000 square meters .

In the Al-Mahwah area in the Al-Baha area, the occupancy rate was 67%, after 77 villas were booked out of 115 villas, with a total area of ​​121,225 square meters.

The occupancy rate in the Samtah lock area in Jazan exceeded 60 percent, after 139 villas were booked from 230 prefabricated villas in the 150,000 square meters project. Sixty-one villas were booked in the Al-Zulfi housing project in Riyadh, On 250 villas ready, with a total area of ​​531,998 square meters.

The ministry confirmed that the percentage of bookings during the last short period reflects the suitability of the needs of the beneficiaries and adapt them to their needs, whether through the diversity of construction, or the quality of offers available, pointing to the continuation of pumping more residential units either from villas ready or through the sales system on the map, To meet the wishes of all beneficiaries and provide adequate housing with high quality and appropriate prices.

It is expected that the Ministry will announce in the 11th and final installment of the residential program for the year 2017 on Saturday, the conclusion of the allocation of 280 thousand residential and financial products, in order to meet the needs of citizens, while the simultaneous launch of several exhibitions on the map, "Residential" beneficiaries in a number of cities in the Kingdom.

These projects are an extension of the previous projects announced by the Ministry in a number of cities in the Kingdom, where sales projects are currently on the map in the province of Jeddah, Tabuk region, and the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province, in addition to the project Arar in the northern border area, Of the projects during the last period were completed with a total of more than ten thousand housing units, such as the project north of Riyadh, Khamis Mushait, Abha, and two projects in the province of Rabigh, and two other projects in the province of Ahsa, in addition to the projects of prefabricated villas in Bish, Khobar,
The Ministry of Housing continues to launch more projects, whether ready-made villas or exhibitions on the map in a number of regions in the Kingdom, in 2017. The Ministry of Housing has announced the completion of its target of 280,000 residential and financial products during 2017. , Where the ministry and even the tenth batch, which was announced mid-November, achieved a commitment rate of 87%, by allocating more than 245 thousand residential and financial products.

The villas, which are announced by the Ministry of Housing, are characterized by the integration of services and the availability of infrastructure, such as water, electricity and sewage services, in addition to providing government facilities, parks and green spaces. 500 square meters.


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