This service enables both individuals and real estate development companies to apply for the sale and purchase services of the first writing work, which includes:

• Sold to the entire property owned by the SAUDI parties.
• Empty apartment.
• Emptying after the death of the buyer.
• Empty agricultural property.
• Selling a common share.
• Empty a mortgaged property under a letter of consent from the prospective person.
• Empty a real estate under the presence and approval of the subject.
• Emancipation of the state - expropriation.
• Empty a government facility.
• Empty a state-sold facility.
• Emptying part of the property for the state - sold.
• Emptying a state facility - within the approved scheme.
• Emancipation of the state - expropriation of a property owned by a minor.
• Emancipation of the state - expropriation of property owned by a minor and an adult.
• State emptying - a gift.
• Empty the mosque and its facilities - within the approved scheme.
• Empty the room as an electrostatic discharge.
• The sale of excess municipal ownership by the municipality.

The service is handled by submitting the application to the Center, which fulfills the documents specified in the service request. The Center handles the notary public within the Ministry of Housing.